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I am a front-leaning, full-stack developer with a strong interest in code as design and Internet of Things. A strong background in printmaking and theater design has given me an eye for how things work together and a mind for how they should work together.

Featured Projects

Barreling Along

Phaser-based game dodging rocks as they come down the river.

Seattle City Feature Finder

Uses the Google Maps API and City of Seattle API to map Seattle managed facilities, sorted by type.

Dioder Remote

Raspberry Pi based wifi controller for IKEA Dioder LED lights.


An alumni of Eastern Washing University Art Department, I have been an artist and freelance photographer for over 15 years. I do a great deal of nighttime landscape photography, capturing both what is visable and how the light paints an area that can't normally be seen. Long exposure and landscapes lead me to many cold night in unusual places.

About Me

In high school I started working in theaters. There I learned hows to produce something from scraps and problem solve the oddest problems. In college, I studied theater design, photography, and printmaking. What I found in all of them is that they are a blanace of a creative passion mixed with a technical percision.
The son of an art teacher and a general contracter, I was raised as a maker and a creative. From a young age I was building wood projects with my father and painting them with my mother. This later evolved into a passion for computers and electronics, an enjoyment of being able to take apart gadgets and things and being able to rebuild them or incorporate them into something new. The first art show I was ever in, I won with a piece from a homemade spin art made from an old washing machine motor.
For nearly 5 years, I've been cohost, as well as hosted affiliated podcasts and written articles for


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